Dave's story

At first I did find the move from the hostel to Julian Housing difficult. A room in a house with five other people was different to a room in a hostel with fifty people.

It gave me more freedom, which led to my drinking becoming a problem, exaggerating my anxiety and depression. I found myself becoming moody and sullen and at times very anti-Julian Housing. But with constant weekly meetings with my Key Worker, it became clear that things would have to change. Maybe a course or hobbies; something to change the way I was living.

I remember it was important to me at the time that I was never made to do anything I didn't want to, more of a case of what did I want to do with help and assistance, and giving me the confidence I needed.

I started a computer course at Steppin' Stones which I thoroughly enjoyed and encouraged me to get my own computer. Not so long after that I went on to do a cookery course. After that, it became clear to me that Julian Housing and its staff were there to help rather than hinder me - and they have helped me in many ways since.

I have now completed my GCSE English exam and am currently practicing to take my Maths also. And now I am looking forward to my move-on, still with the help and assistance from Julian Housing.

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