Day Services

People who have used our Assessment Centre or Resettlement Floor or Sit Up Service the night before have automatic entry to our day services.

I gradually came to believe I could get back into work and started to apply to employers with new-found confidence. I got a job as a bricklayer and am about to leave O'Hanlon House. I never could have achieved it without the help I received.

O’Hanlon House resident

The Day Services are also open to non residents, including rough sleepers and street drinkers, who have been verified by the Oxford City Outreach team. Please contact the Oxford Spot Team for more information.

Day Services clients have access to the same facilities as O’Hanlon House residents. A light lunch is provided.

Support staff work with clients to develop personal support plans to help address problems and identify goals for the future. Everyone can take part in our Step Up (training, education and activities) project as part of their support plan.

Day Services opening hours are 9am - 3.30pm, every day.