About us

Oxford Homeless Pathways (OxHoP) works alongside a thriving network of organisations to provide life-changing services for homeless people in Oxfordshire.

We manage O’Hanlon House and Julian Housing, enabling homeless people to find and sustain stable housing by providing a broad range of services.

We also manage Oxford Homeless Medical Fund, which raises funds to support welfare and medical services for homeless people in Oxford.

And we oversee the financial management of Oxford Cooperative Training Scheme, which provides low-cost training for frontline staff working with vulnerable adults.

Our objectives

We aim to provide swift, effective, creative and lasting responses to transform the lives of people who find themselves homeless. This includes:

  • Providing a range of housing with high quality support, creating individual solutions to individual needs.
  • Encouraging and supporting homeless people to take up training, education and activities – enabling them to live the lives they want to live, free from the stigma of homelessness.
  • Improving the effectiveness of health services for homeless people.
  • Working locally and nationally to influence all aspects of public provision which impact on homelessness, with the ultimate goal of ending homelessness.
  • Working with other providers to ensure that services evolve in a way that best meet the needs of homeless people.
  • Raising awareness and promoting social inclusion by helping people understand the complex issues surrounding homelessness.

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