Resettlement Floor

Clients using our Assessment Centre may stay longer at O’Hanlon House on the Resettlement Floor, where they can work through the issues that led them to become homeless and take steps to change their situation.

I get peace of mind, security and a place to re-establish my life.

O’Hanlon House resident

All new O'Hanlon House clients are allocated a support worker, who can offer support with an application to the Resettlement Floor. As part of a licence agreement to remain on the Resettlement Floor, clients work with staff on their personal support plan which addresses why they are homeless, and helps them take measures to avoid becoming homeless again in the future.

A support plan might include:

  • Planning to achieve goals and aspirations – for example, identifying and working towards realistic housing options and exploring future employment options.
  • Tackling entrenched habits such as substance misuse.
  • Taking part in a resettlement training programme.
  • Volunteering – either at O’Hanlon House, for example helping with gardening or decorating; or in the community, for example working in a charity shop or as a theatre usher.
  • Improving personal fitness by taking part in sporting and leisure facilities; tackling personal hygiene issues.

I moved up to the resettlement floor quite fast and I think that if people are making the effort, move them on fast. I am trying hard to get a job. I want to get out and get on as soon as possible. I want to get on with my life.

O’Hanlon House resident