Vineyard consists of 13 self-contained flats in the centre of Abingdon, and is aimed at individuals aged 18+ who are homeless and have a local connection to Vale of White Horse or South Oxfordshire. Vineyard also has on emergency bed space for verified rough sleepers.

Residents have a range of needs from ‘Complex’ through to becoming ‘Move-On Ready’ and are supported by two staff who are based on-site during weekday office hours (with flexibility). Out-of-hours on call is provided.

The role of the support worker is to work with each individual to identify and tackle the issues that may prevent them from sustaining accommodation in the future. This may include a wide variety of support, including advice on debt and budgeting issues, counselling, help with drug and alcohol issues, and access to health care, training, voluntary or paid work. Support staff will also act as advocates where necessary. Drug and alcohol testing may be offered as part of the support package, which some residents find helpful.

Residents can stay for 6-9 months.

Typical options for moving on include the Private Rented Sector, social housing (Council or Housing Association) or other, more specialist supported housing if necessary. Due to the lack of affordable housing options in Oxfordshire, move to other parts of the region are facilitated and encouraged.

Couples are accepted.

Referrals are via the Pathway Coordination team. Please email: Copying in:

Referrals for the emergency bed space are via Oxford SPOT.