Progression Housing

This housing is designed to help people build on their strengths and progress towards achieving their goals, including planning for independent living and becoming move-on ready.

Sixty-five residents aged 22+ live in 11 houses, mainly in East Oxford. These houses consist of a mixture of self-contained bedsits and houses with shared kitchens and bathrooms. Each resident has at least one session a week with their support worker. The support team is based in a nearby office and is available during weekday office hours (with flexibility), and out-of-hours on call is provided. There is a mixture of low, medium and high support needs clients.

There is a mixture of ‘progressions’ and ‘move-on ready’ spaces.

The role of the support worker is to work with each individual to identify and tackle the issues that may prevent them from sustaining accommodation in the future. This may include a wide variety of support including advice on debt and budgeting issues, counselling, help with drug and alcohol issues, and access to health care, training, voluntary or paid work. Drug and alcohol testing may be offered as part of the support package, which some residents find helpful.

Residents can stay for 6-9 months.

Typical options for moving on include the Private Rented Sector, social housing (Council or Housing Association) or other, more specialist supported housing if necessary. Due to the lack of affordable housing options in Oxfordshire, move to other parts of the region are facilitated and encouraged.

Couples are accepted and pets may be accommodated in some houses.

Progression Housing includes:

  • Keeva – General housing for those who are moving through the homeless pathway towards independent living.
  • Sober Living – Specialist provision for those in recovery from substance and/or alcohol dependency who would benefit from an abstinence based environment.
  • Edith Kempson House – For those in employment


Referrals are via the Pathway Coordination team. Please email: Copying in:

Julian Housing also provides accommodation and support for those who have been through addiction services in Sapling (hyperlink). All referrals to Sapling (hyperlink) are from Howard House and Turning Point only.